My vote of thanks on the annual day of dimat.

Hon’ble chief guest Dr. Joshi, our beloved Chairman, Karmayogi Shri S. K. Jain, our Beloved Karnadhar Umesh Upadhyay Ji , Ms. Disha –our anchor , my Colleagues Dr. Rupali Choudhary, Dr. R S Mohan, on dias, my other colleague in the foreground, my students bubbling with energy and aspiration, Parents who reposed their faith and trust on us, my brothers & sisters.

It is a momentous occasion for me for I feel privileged to express our indebtedness to all those who talked for us, who worked for us, who graced this occasion by their pious presence. Sir, you spoke to lead us. They form our guiding principles. Your every word bore a resonance with a liberating effect. We are grateful. I must also mention that the whiff of flowering of a new institution is floating in the air. This resurgence, this act of parturition is not painful rather enjoyable, we bear the axioms;

“Teach to lead

   Teach to inspire”

We have recommenced our journey. Your words only further excite us toward a new paradigm.

Having said this I feel tempted to add further. We setup organization. We found institutions with the only purpose of value addition to a particular process. However the mechanism we create also devour value, value destruction thus becomes co-terminus with value creation. We need to guard against these phenomena of value destruction. If any students of ours fail we lose value. If a teacher leaves our company we lose value, if we fail to organize our laboratory, we lose value. Hence we need to strive whole heartedly to reduce value loss i.e. value destruction in our process.

I express my gratitude to my students for they have chosen me as their teacher as their guide. I express my indebtedness to each one of you, even those who might not be present here now for being with us. I end with;

 “ Esho  he  arya, esho  anarya  hindu , mussalman.

Esho  esho  aaj  tumi  ingraaj  esho esho  khristan.

Maa’r  abhisheke  esho  esho  tvara, mangal ghat  hai nee  je  bhara

Sabar  parashe  pabitra  kara  tirtha  neere,

Ei  bharater  mahamanaver  sagar  teere.

Thank you 


3 responses to “My vote of thanks on the annual day of dimat.”

  1. Siddhartha Bhattacharya says :

    Good thought and choice of words.

  2. Siddhartha Bhattacharya says :

    Good thought and choice of words. But here you will find a few persons who studied/study Rabindranath in any form. Very unfortunate but true.

  3. Dr.Hergovind Singh says :

    Great thoughts with amazing words Sir,

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